Breaking the body, breaking the soul

Breaking the body, breaking the soul. Changes in the landscape of violence against women

Autor(a): CETCAM

13 de diciembre 2022


This research is committed. Committed to the Nicaraguan women who have experienced, and continue to experience, different forms of violence inside and outside the country; to the mothers and relatives of people killed during the protests; to the thousands of exiled women who have had to leave abruptly their homes to preserve their lives and their safety; to the women displaced to protect their families and find better subsistence opportunities; to the women imprisoned from 2018 to date and their female relatives who have suffered along with them torture and ill-treatment. To the thousands of girls, adolescents and young women who suddenly saw their lives completely upended by unbridled violence and state repression, who have seen their dreams and projects plunged into uncertainty. To the women journalists and human rights defenders, young cyber activists, feminists; and all those who from their own spaces and in their own ways resist every day with courage, resolve and hope.